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On commence! Let’s get started …

“We write to taste life twice … in the moment and in retrospect.”  I really wish this was an original quote but alas, I must pay credence to Anais Nin.  Of course, she is a French woman – a writer who was celebrated for her accounts of self-discovery that fortified women challenging gender roles in the 1960s and 70s.

I believe it tastes sweeter when you relive an experience for the second time, and so I have decided to muster all my courage, cast away any doubts, and begin to share my love affair with food.

As some of you know, I flirt outrageously with the notion that I have a little French blood in me.  I don’t actually, despite my best efforts in researching the family tree.  But I do really really love that country and I can’t put my finger on why exactly.  Perhaps it’s their sophistication with food and their passion for fresh produce?  Perhaps it’s their many country scenes and ancient cityscapes that capture my imagination.  It must have something to do with the language I can use well enough to impress my Australian friends?  I guess it’s the noxious combination of all these things and more that have me planning our “year to unplug”.  Only a crazy dream like mine would cause someone to uproot their family entirely and move to the other side of the world for an unknown, exhilarating adventure!  Stay tuned for more about this as we near closer to Christmas.

See how easily I’m distracted by France?  Back to food …

Over the coming weeks, my hope is that somewhere out there, the words I put down here will connect with someone to the point that I can inspire them … to cook, to create, to do whatever it is that they love.  I intend to share my learnings of home cooking – some posts will be family favourites, some will delve deeper into the origin or nutrition of certain produce and other posts will profile other companies, cooks, businesses, projects or products I have come across and am impressed by.

Ultimately, this blog is selfishly designed to help me grow and hopefully designed to inspire others.  I hope you enjoy my “second taste” of life as you scan through the pages of Grace and Gusto. kpx

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