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“I was so impressed with the presentation Kate delivered to the parents of the students enrolled in the Early Years. She had so many wonderful healthy lunchbox ideas and her style of delivery was not only engaging but it left the parents in attendance wanting more!  I would absolutely recommend Kate’s presentation to anyone who is seeking a presenter who not only possesses a keen interest in healthy food alternatives, but is passionate about improving the lunchboxes of Australian children.”

michelle luhrmann
Michelle Luhrmann, Director of Early Learning
Sheldon College, Qld

I am a passionate communicator – and that means I love conversing with like-minded people on all gastronomic topics! My most recent engagements have been “Healthy Lunchbox Ideas” presentations to schools and kindergartens in Brisbane.  I have also presented at community health seminars on topics such as “Demystifying the Food Marketing Industry”, “The Basics of Nutrition” and “Optimal Health and Weight Loss”.  My presentation style is relaxed, conversational, humourous and in layman’s terms so that I relate to a broad audience demographic.

For more information, or to discuss your presentation needs, please contact me at

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