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gusto: ˈgʌstəʊ noun – enjoyment and enthusiasm in doing something / grace: greɪs noun – smoothness and elegance of movement

Grace and Gusto has many meanings for me in my life.  From my childhood, it reminds me of 2 very important lessons my parents taught.  Dad used to tell us to go about tasks that we were responsible for with grace.  Meaning, if we found them challenging, focus on completing the task in a graceful manner, not on the task itself.  Mum taught me that if I was going to do something, to do it properly – in other words, have a bit of gusto or passion about what you’re doing.

In the kitchen, most of my cooking is done quickly – with lots of gusto!   I think anyone with kids and a busy household can relate. However, when I find some quiet time – perhaps when the kids are asleep – I find it very fulfilling to create something new, even something a bit fiddly.

I take pride in the food I serve anyone who steps into my home.  I’m the first to admit I am not a naturally graceful person, but the traditionalist in me believes it is worth striving to be in order to serve my family.

Being graceful and having passion will make you stand out from the crowd … may you invest the rest of your day doing whatever it is that you do with grace and gusto.


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  1. Love your line about investing grace and gusto into our day


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