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Hi there, thanks for reading!  I’m a 30-something year old mum of 3 amazing kids and a wife to a super-supportive husband.  My life is blessed indeed – in and around being a full time mum, I make time to dabble in my passion for food.  Its a handy passion, because I have 4 willing taste testers at the ready!  My six year old son and four year old twin daughters just love their food.  They eat incredibly well and I am so proud (and relieved) to say that there are no fussy eaters in our household!  I put this down to offering them lots of variety from the time they could eat solids, strictly limiting sugar (so that they can appreciate the true flavour of foods) and involving them in the process from market to manger (french word “to eat”).

I have cooked from a young age but since having children, my interest in wholefoods and nutrition has escalated.  I invested in a Thermomix a couple of years ago which again took me to a new level of being able to cook from scratch.  I love entertaining, but my goal is always to enjoy the conversation as much as the food – so I’ve found ways (mostly through trial and error) to produce a delicious three-course meal without yelling my two cents worth to the topic of discussion from the kitchen.

At the end of the year, I am moving to France with my family.  This will be the result of a dream fulfilled after ten years of planning. As is typical in our marriage, I tend to be the dreamer and my wonderful husband turns things in to reality.  I am always dreaming up big visions and crazy ideas.  But this particular dream has really stood the test of time and I am more passionate about this adventure than the day I wrote it down in 2005.  I intend to use the time there to write.  Plenty of inspiration will cross my path – South West France is a produce-rich region … I just hope I make some friends quickly so I have someone to eat all my cooking!

Above all, I remain a humble student to many of the great cooks, chefs, bloggers and nutritionists who openly share their learnings from years of their experience.  This blog serves as a creative outlet for me but I secretly hope to inspire a few of you along the way…

May you always enjoy the abundance of fresh food we are blessed with in this country …


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  1. I can’t wait for all the new recipes you will share with us from living in France


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