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Friday Night Dates?


Glorious sunshine we are having … but for some reason when the sun goes down, I am looking for a sweet treat to finish off my busy day.  I am always in pursuit of ideas that are nutritious whilst still being yummy, and I think this one will delight!  I served this at a recent morning tea and apart from working hard to keep them from being eaten before I left the house, they were well received at the event.

I’m surprised by how little is known about medjool dates.  Dates are an ancient fruit originating from Northern Africa and the Middle East and Medjool dates in particular are prized for their larger size and juicier flesh.  They’re a good source of fibre, potassium, magnesium and manganese.  They still do contain a reasonable amount of fruit sugar but they’re a good alternative to other desserts or treats.

No recipe required for this one!  Simply cut your dates length ways (don’t cut right through) to remove the seed, then cut your cream cheese block into small rectangles and squash it between the two halves like a hot dog.  One block of cream cheese will be sufficient for about 50 dates.  They can be made the day before and kept in the fridge.  They present beautifully and the taste combination is spot on … enjoy!

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medjool dates


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3 thoughts on “Friday Night Dates?

  1. I LOVE this idea. Totally love how simple it is. In a moment of temptation for sugar, I would totally use this as a guilt free go to. Thank you.

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  2. Would love more simple, healthy delicious snack ideas like this please = D (Love things that you can whip up in moments of sugar temptations)

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  3. I made these today, when I needed something sweet (late night last night and looking after kids toda) and I loved them. They were perfect and the ingredients were standing by in the fridge for when I needed them. Even the kids have loved them. Thank you.


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